Frequently Asked Questions

About Nakatomi Inc.

What is Nakatomi?

Nakatomi is a pop culture art collective and screenprint studio based in Austin, Texas. Started in a garage in 2009, Nakatomi is now a full-fledged printshop that has shipped thousands of orders all over the globe. All of our posters are printed by hand right here in Austin.

Who is Nakatomi?

Nakatomi is artist and founder Tim Doyle, the denizens of our print shop who make the magic happen, and a coalition of fantastic artists we work in close collaboration with.

Why is Nakatomi?

Why not?


Where we ship

We ship to most places around the globe!

International orders will ship via US First Class International Airmail. The USPS quotes 7-10 days for your order to arrive, but it can realistically take up to three to four weeks depending on your location and local customs offices. All import duties are the responsibility of the customer.

Shipping times

Orders for all in-stock items will usually ship within 2-5 business days with delivery confirmation via USPS or UPS. If you haven't received tracking information, feel free to reach out!

There are some exceptions to our shipping times.

  • Pre-order products will be marked as such in the product description. The accompanying blog post and newsletter describing the release will indicate when the product should be ready to ship.
  • Giclées are sometimes printed to order. As such, they may take up to a couple more days beyond our normal ship times to get out the door.
  • Large sitewide sales - such as a Black Friday sale - will result in longer shipping times for some, as we rush to complete every order.

We do not normally offer expedited shipping.


How we pack prints

Prints are rolled safely in brown Kraft paper and shipped in a sturdy double-walled brown telescoping tube with metal caps. To open the tube, cut the band of tape around the lid and slide the top off.

Shipping and handling costs

Shipping and handling fees will be tallied for your order at checkout.

Some combinations of products within an order may result in increased shipping charges as they cannot be shipped together. Examples would be:

  • Ordering a book (packed flat) and a print (rolled in a tube).
  • Purchasing multiple mystery tubes. Each mystery tube is a fully packed tube so each is shipped individually.


Can I track my order?

Sure thing! You can find your tracking information in a couple places:

  • In an email sent to you when your order is placed
  • In your order history on our site, if you have a registered account with us

There's an issue with my order

Damaged print? Wrong item arrived? Let us know and we'll get a replacement or refund underway. Send along a picture of the issue when you contact us and we'll be able to assist you more quickly.

I'd like information on an old order

There are a couple places to check:

  • You should have received an email when your order was placed and when your order was shipped
  • If you have an account with us, any orders back to roughly January 2023 should be in your order history

If you still can't find the info for your order let us know and we'll dig it up for you.

Product Information

I'd like information about one of your prints

You should be able to find the info you need on the product page for all of our prints: dimensions, artist, edition size (or open edition), and so on. If you still have questions about a specific print or product feel free to reach out to us.

Are your prints limited edition?

In short: sometimes! We're firm believers in making our art available to anyone who wants it, so any of Tim's prints may become available at a later date in a non-numbered open edition version. The product page for a print will specify the size of the edition, or if it is an open edition.

Are your prints signed by the artist?

Any prints by Tim that are larger than 8x10 will be signed by him (and if you'd like an 8x10 signed just leave us a note when you place your order). When it comes to work by other artists, some are signed and some are not. Drop us a line if you have a question about a specific print.

There's a print I like but can't find on your site

There could be a couple reasons for this: the print may from a sold out edition, or it could be an open edition print that is temporarily out of stock. If you have questions about a print you can't locate you can always reach out for more info. On some occasions we may even be able to dig a copy up from our archives. It never hurts to ask!

Anything new in the pipeline?

Always! Always. For info on our new releases there are a number of places to check:

My Account

Do I need to register an account to order from you?

You do not. Creating an account will speed up your checkout process by saving your preferences, and keep your order history in one place. An account is simply for your convenience.

Did my account transfer from your old site to this one?

Mostly. You will need to create a new password to get up and running on our current site (which we know is a hassle, but isn't it nice to hear we're not moving your sensitive info like passwords around all willy-nilly?)

Your account order history will also now only display back to roughly early 2023. If you would like to see info for an order you placed earlier than that, let us know!

Why am I not getting a password reset email?

If your account was imported from our old store (before June 2024), the "forgot your password?" form never seems to send the reset email.

We have opened a support request with Shopify, but in the mean time you can simply "reactivate" your existing account. Do this:

- go to
- just enter your email address and any old password (it doesn't matter what)
- click Create
- you'll get an activation email and can finish resetting your password with the instructions in the email