• Who is Nakatomi?

    Nakatomi is a pop culture/art collective and screenprint studio based in Austin, Texas. Started in a garage in 2009, Nakatomi is now a full-fledged print shop that has shipped tens of thousands of orders all over the globe.
    We take pride in our local and international family of artists and collaborators.

  • What does Nakatomi make?

    Specializing in hand printed art posters in both limited and open editions, Nakatomi has worked with artists from all over the world, as well as art directing and producing entire tour posters series for music clients such as Metallica, George Strait, Weird Al and countless others!

  • Who started this whole mess?

    Nakatomi was founded in 2009 by artist Tim Doyle, and man, that's a whole thing. You can read more about him on his site www.TimDoyle.com