We’re printing and shipping! Look for your orders soon!

Springfield prints are shipping!

Hello Nakatomi Peoples!
Just to give you all a heads up, production has completed on the prints that debuted during our SXSW S.O.S. sale, and they will finish shipping out this week, barring any governmental order to shut down the shop! (and even then, we’ll take ’em home and ship out of the house if we need to! We did it that way 11 years ago, and we’ll do it again!)

And if you missed out, they’re STILL AVAILABLE here! This is an excellent time to decorate your house, now that we’re all trapped inside for the next few weeks! (months?)

“742 Evergreen Terrace” day editon

Note- the 742 Evergreen Terrace DAY version will not be kept in print, but both “Embiggen the Smallest Man” and “742 Evergreen Terrace” glow in the dark night edition will be kept in print. So if you want that Day-Time one…go get it!

Thank you all for your support through this crazy time, we’ll have more releases later this week, including a new Shiny Object giveaway print!

-alex fugazi