Now that shirt is even more dope in person…

DEVIL’s AdvoCATES shirts+hats are HERE!

Hello Nakatomi peoples!

The Devil’s AdvoCATES shirts and caps we pre-sold last month are finally here in hand, and all pre-orders have now shipped!
And that means- now we have ACTUAL product photos to show off! Look at that tee!

Featuring the new Devil’s AdvoCATES logo by Dave Jordan on the front, and “Read Comics / Be Dope” down the sleeves, this super-soft 100% cotton tee is all you need to get ready for apocalypse season! (which, may be sooner than we thought, the way it’s looking)
Pick one up HERE in the Nakatomi store now! $30 each- limited qty available for each size!

Embroidered…with evil!

Also in hand and ready for immediate shipment- the embroidered Devil’s AdvoCATES flat-brim hat, with an adjustable back for one-size-fits-all!
The front has the classic Devil’s AdvoCATES logo, and the back has the motto- “Read Comics Do Dope Shit” Just $30!
Pick one up HERE now!

I don’t know why it’s on a melon. But now you know it’ll fit your Melon!

Hats and tees are in hand for immediate shipment- and qty’s are limited! Don’t miss out- join the cult that everyone is dying to get in to! But not like…literally dying. Figuratively. Dead figures. Something like that.

Thank you all so much!

-alex fugazi