Numbered and Embossed!

Wrightson “…And I Shall Be With You On Your Wedding Night” SHIPPING!

Hello everyone- just giving you all a quick update- We’re printing and shipping these artist edition prints as fast as possible! A good many of you who ordered a copy have already received yours, and we should be all done by the end of next week, with domestic delivery well within the promised delivery window!

In Mid-February, we’ll release the next print in this artist edition series! If you haven’t, sign up for our mailing list HERE, and you’ll be told the exact time and date of the next drop!

Thank you to everyone who purchased this print, and special thank you to Liz Wrightson for allowing us the opportunity to keep Bernie’s work in print and in the hands of his fans and collectors!

Check out the Bernie Wrightson section of the Nakatomi store for other great items, including the last remaining autographed prints we have from the master himself, HERE.

-alex fugazi