New from Robert Wilson!

Hello Nakatomi peoples, and happy 2020 to everyone! We’ve got TWO new prints from Nakatomi regular, Robert Wilson IV to kick us off right for the new decade!

“EVA Unit-01” 18×24 edition of 150 $40

First up is “EVA Unit-01“- this 18×24” hand-printed silkscreened art print is signed and numbered by the artist in a first edition of only 150 copies worldwide. Nakatomi has much less than that, as Robert is holding most back for in-person sales at his numerous convention appearances!
Available HERE NOW.

“The Red Comet” 18×24 Edition of 100 $40

Next up- “The Red Comet“, a hand-printed silkscreen print measuring 18×24”, signed and numbered by Robert in a first edition of 100 copies. Available HERE NOW.

Both prints are in hand and ready for immediate shipment.
Thank you all, and stay tuned for even more new releases coming later this month!

-alex fugazi