20″ x 30″ artist edition fine-art giclee, edition of 300.

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This print is now SOLD OUT. Thank you all so much for your orders- these will start production ASAP!Look for the next print in this series in Early February!

Earlier this month, the auction house, Profiles in History had an auction of an original piece of Bernie Wrightson’s iconic Frankenstein series. The piece in question, “…I Shall Be With You On Your Wedding Night” sold for a record-breaking $1.2 million dollars.

We here at Nakatomi had the supreme honor of working with Bernie for years before he passed in 2017, and have continued to work with his widow, Liz Wrightson to keep releasing high quality limited edition prints of his work.

The art is captured here in exacting detail, at the size the piece was originally drawn.

“…I Shall Be With You On Your Wedding Night” is a stunning achievement in the field of illustration, and Nakatomi is proud to release this artist-edition print to the public.

Reproduced from a scan of the original art board, provided by film director, Frank Darabont, this is the closest anyone can come to owning the original piece.

This fine art-giclee is printed at 20 x 30 inches, at the size of the original art board. Visible in the art are the pencil lines under the ink- giving you a real sense of Wrightson’s process.

“…I Shall Be With You On Your Wedding Night” is a drawing to lose yourself in for hours…

From the auction site-

Bernie Wrightson’s original wrap-around cover artwork for Frankenstein (Marvel, 1983)
Accomplished in pencil and ink on large 20×30 in heavyweight art board. Bernie has been called “the greatest horror artist of our time”, “the genius who’s work has a soul”, and “the star who’s work other artists chart their courses by”. His work exerts profound influence on many of the world’s most acclaimed writers, artists, and filmmakers of today. It can also easily be said that the 1983 Marvel publication of Frankenstein is arguably the finest illustrated book of the second half of the 20th century. This adaptation of the novel was painstakingly illustrated over the course of nearly a decade by pen and ink master Bernie Wrightson. We consider this the finest fantasy ink drawing of the 20th century, if not of all time. “…I shall be with you on your wedding night.” And with those words, the most chilling line in the novel, came the inspiration for master artist Bernie Wrightson to make that moment in the story the cover image, and the single work he felt would define the artistic level the book would be judged by- a book that was a pure labor of love for him. This would be his Sistine Chapel. The ultra-fine linework detail is, to put it mildly, mind-blowing, with so much of the amazingly delicate work having been achieved through the steady- hand execution of line-by-line via art pen. Looking closely at the face of the monster you can actually feel the mix of his rage and anguish fueled by crazed frustration towards his creator, the cause of his inner pain.

The pencil lines still show through- a rare glimpse into the process of a master at work.

Hand-numbered and embossed in the bottom right corner with Bernie’s distinctive “W”, this edition is limited to 300 copies worldwide. Printed on archival acid free 100% cotton rag natural white paper, with archival inks, produced in-house at the Nakatomi Print Labs. Prints will ship within 4 weeks of the release date- all orders should arrive by the end of January.

Prints will be available at 3pm Central time in the Bernie Wrightson section of the Nakatomi store HERE on Friday the 20th.

The full illustration just cannot be captured on screen- it truly must be seen to be believed.

Prints will retail at $150 each.

Note– Unlike the auction, the artist’s share of the proceeds from this sale will go to Liz Wrightson.

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-alex fugazi