One of the custom sketches done last month- order yours today!

Order an UnReal Estate book and get a custom drawing JUST FOR YOU!

Back in late November, artist Tim Doyle offered up his UnReal Estate book with a special bonus- for just a bit more, customers could get a custom sketch made for them in copies of the UnReal Estate hardcover art book! The special was limited to 100 copies, and all orders were done and shipped in plenty of time for Christmas.

UnReal Estate: THE BOOK- 132 pg. hardcover art book

WELL WE’RE DOING IT AGAIN FOR NEW YEARS! Get yourself a special custom drawing, or get a premium gift for the person you forgot about for Christmas (you made your Aunt cry, you know that, right?)!

From Doyle-
GEEZ I had a blast doing this before Thanksgiving and I really want to do it again. I loved all the weird curveball requests, and just putting my head down and drawing. And all the positive feedback I got from everyone when they received their custom books made me happy that I was making them happy! So gimme that Dopamine boost and let’s all get happy together!

Big New Year’s Eve Mood.


Pick from one of five pre-selected characters, or one of your own, and Doyle will hand-draw them on the title page, sign it, and make it out to either you or the person you’re gifting the book to!


Book by itself is $40.
Book plus pre-selected sketch is $50.
Book plus custom sketch is $60.

Our special shiny boy.

Here’s a couple ground rules-

1- it’s gotta be a cartoon or comic book character only! Tim’s not going to be able to do portraits in the time allowed. (Robocop is the exception, because…Robocop).
2- if you’re not picking one of the five, make sure you tell us who you want in the “Special Instructions” section of your order when you check out.
3- if you want a special message for someone if it’s a gift, don’t write an essay, please! Short and sweet. (Tim’s handwriting is marginally legible, honestly…)
4– if you don’t want the book made out to the person who’s name is on the order, make sure you tell us who you want it made out to!
5– seriously he’s not going to draw your kids, don’t ask.


Bobby Hill is who we all should strive to be in the world.

Keep in mind that this is a custom-made product, so it’s not going to ship super-fast. If you need one of these in time for a particular date, make sure you note that in the order, and we’ll do our best to accommodate you! All orders should ship by early February.

Get one HERE now!

-alex fugazi