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NOTE- Foil Variant is now sold out.

NOW AVAILABLE-  Nakatomi has released a BEAUTIFUL print by artist Mark Lone in a new 18×36 ALL METALLIC INK edition of only 150 qty worldwide!

balrog reg CU head

Printed with LUSH metallic inks, this highly detailed print is a sight to behold in person.

The regular edition is limited to just 150, and we also have a super-limited edition of only 30 on high-quality Iridescent foil paper-

balrog foil head

This foil paper skews to the warm end of the spectrum when the light hits the surface just right, giving the flame effects a writhing, living feel to it. It’s quite stunning once you get your hands on it.

Note- the foil is NOTORIOUSLY hard to photograph, as it’s essentially a mirror!

SPECIAL COLLECTOR BONUS– anyone who purchases one of the 30 foil prints will be put onto a special mailing list, so when we release the other two prints in the set, they will get first crack at THOSE foils as well. (And we’ll match your numbers!)

balrog reg full

Shadowflame- 18×36 regular edition of 150- $50

balrog foil full

Shadowflame- 18×36 Foil Edtion of 30- $80

Prints will be available for purchase at 2PM Central time on Thursday, 9/24 in the ART PRINTS SECTION of the Nakatomi store HERE.

-alex fugazi