“RISE TO MEET FATE” by Josh Budich!

Artist Josh Budich is debuting a brand-new print through Nakatomi-  NOW ON SALE HERE .

Rise to Meet Fate” is a 12×24 hand-printed silkscreen print, with a regular edition numbered out of just 150qty world wide- $40!  Also available in a Foil and ultra-limited WOOD variant! (photos below)

From Budich-

“My kids are my two little muses. Whenever I can create art for them, about something that they love and we share together as a family, I’m all about it. Like any parent of small children, we find ourselves as adults, watching way more cartoons than we ever thought we would. But, for me as a consumer of all things visual, taking a fresh look at many of the earlier Disney films has been a blast of inspiration.

For this piece, I took inspiration from an artist I only recently discovered after watching Sleeping Beauty with more mature eyes- Eyvind Earle. Earle was the artistic director for Sleeping Beauty, creating lush and incredibly beautiful environments that were uniquely his in style. I wanted to create an homage to his work, but marry it to one of my kids’ other loves, the work of Hayao Miyazaki.
This Earle/Miyazaki mashup is my humble tribute to two of my favorite artists.”
mononoke foil
Foil Variant- 12×24, printed on iridescent foil stock, edition of 25. $70
Foil is notoriously hard to photograph- it’s essentially taking a picture of a mirror, but believe us- these look BEAUTIFUL in person- with the silver shine coming through the body of the Kodomas.
mononoke foil detail
Here’s a detail shot of the foil above- you can see the holographic effect of the paper!
mononoke woodAnd finally, the wood variant- 12×24, hand-printed on wood panel- edition of 10. $100.
This wood edition is printed on fine 1/4″ birch veneer panel- and the rich wood texture shows through the ink, giving it a beautiful hand-made look.
All editions of this print are now on sale in the ART PRINTS section of the Nakatomi store HERE!
-alex fugazi