Jacob Borshard’s PRINCESS series is complete, printed and ready to be charming it’s way onto your walls!

Do you have a true love for fiery swamps, pirates, princesses, giant rodentia, head-smashing boulder-wielding giants and revenge-obsessed (yet surprisingly friendly) Spaniards?

Yes, you do? Of course you do.

Do you wish you could buy a set of prints that lovingly illustrate all of your very favorite things? How can we put this? Ahem . . . .


All three of Jacob Borshard’s storybook princess prints are available here at a special ‘Princess Pack’ price of only $60 (That’s a $20 savings over the individual pricing!).

 “The Cliff Castle”, “The Fire Swamp”, and the previously released “The Giant in the Boulders”. 

Take a look at these beautiful close up shots the actual ‘The Fire Swamp” print-


“The Fire Swamp” is a 16×24 5 color print in a signed and numbered edition of 100, “The Cliff Castle” is a 12×24 4-color print signed and numbered in an edition of 50, and “The Giant in the Boulders” is signed and numbered in an edition of 100.

All prints were-hand printed by the artist himself, and are just beautiful in person!  The 3-set would make quite the Christmas gift, eh? EH?

You can see more detailed pics of each one in the item pages, and pick them up in the Jacob Borshard section of the Nakatomi Store while supplies last!  (you gotta scroll down a bit for the 3-pack!)

-alex fugazi