Yesterday, our country elected our President to a new term in the White House, and we also passed several important new measures- like Marriage Equality in 4 new states, and Legalized Pot in Colorado and Washington.

And today, the city of Austin and the readers of the AUSTIN CHRONICLE have made an even more important decision- they’ve voted Nakatomi Founder, Tim Doyle as the BEST VISUAL ARTIST in Austin for the second year in a row!

You can read the blurb about the win HERE.

Never one to bask in the glow of victory, or pose in a ludicrous fashion for photographs celebrating his triumph, Tim Doyle promises to continue his mission of awesome, affordable art for everyone. His opponents ran a fair campaign, only going negative towards the end- with accusations of doping and other art-performance drugs being hastily debunked.  Tim Doyle swears his retribution will be swift and bloody, yet fair.

For the next 24 hours on the Nakatomi site- (ending at Midnight Central Time 11/9/12), we’re offering 20% off all orders for Doyle prints by using the discount code DOYLE (it’s in all caps, people) when you check out!

Discount applies to all product in the TIM DOYLE section of the Nakatomi store HERE!

-alex fugazi

* photo by Sandy Carson