Hello Nakatomi Peoples!

Want to go to FUN FUN FUN FEST 2013 this year- for FREE? And bring a friend? FOR FREEEEE?!?!?!

The nice people at FFFFest have selected Nakatomi (as we’re one of the vendors who are going to be there- COME BY AND SEE US!) to give away 2 free 3-day passes to our fans!

Here’s what you have to do to win-

1- Sign up for our mailing list HERE.

2- wait.

3- win.

It’s that easy! We’ll select a name randomly from our mailing list on October 15th, and that’s the winner of 2 three-day passes to Fun Fun Fun Fest 2012- held November 2-4, right here in Austin, Texas!  That’s a $350 value for just being on our mailing list. Pretty cool, eh?

So- go SIGN UP HERE and we’ll inform the winner by email right here!

Note- if you get an email from us saying you won, and can’t attend, let us know, and we’ll select another person from our list!

And don’t say we don’t give you nice things…