New free print!

Continuing our popular FREE PRINT GIVEAWAYS, we’re including the above pictured poster in the next 200 POSTER orders that are placed on Nakatomi, while supplies last!

This print measures 9×24 (just like the last few) and is signed and numbered by the artist, Tim Doyle, in an edition of 200. 

The last few prints in this series seem to be kinda popular!  (Warning, those links contain evidence of people flipping prints!)

A couple notes- NO, we can’t sell them to you- the point is to make you buy something else. NO, this is not included in a t-shirt or sticker ONLY order (it has to be an order that includes a print that goes in a TUBE). NO– we can’t retroactively put this in an order you already placed- we do not have a time machine…yet.

BUT- if you placed a poster order on the site this weekend, (like for any of our new releases) we WILL include this in the tube, so no worries!

So for approximately the next 200 orders, we will have these, so come and get ‘em- order a print you were on the fence about, a print as a gift, or any of our new releases we have up right now,and you’ll get one of these beauts!

We WILL update this blog post when we are out of these.


-alex fugazi