Jeez! It’s like Jacob Borshard day here!


If you’ve been following Jacob’s Creebobby Comics serialized here every Tuesday, then you’re already familiar with his Platypus-based comedy strip.  If you HAVEN’T been reading it, then I’m afraid I can’t explain this to you at all.  I’ll let Jacob try-

From Jacob himself-

“Jacob Borshard just returned from the Island Nation of Ramoa, where he was Knighted by King Magloober as an Honorary Ramoan, First Class.  His Majesty presented Jacob with the Ceremonial Jacket of Ramoan Knighthood and belt buckle bearing the Official Seal of Ramoa and its State Bird, the Hoary Hook Beaked Pizza Bird.

Coincidentally, while recently digging through the primordial ooze of the Nakatomi Vault, we miraculously found a stack of Ramoan gig posters (apparently) from 1978.  Strange because the ink is still sticky on them.  A rarity nonetheless.
As you know, the Ramoans were a seminal Ramoan band, made up of five Ramoan brothers who immigrated to New York from the poor Island Nation of Ramoa to spread their traditional Ramoan culture and songs.  Their rapid rise to the top of both the World Music and Pizza Parlour Jukebox charts sparked a fever for Ramoan Culture known as Ramoamanakamamania, alternatively known as the Pox Ramoanus.  Their influence is still felt in the Pizza and Drugs that are popular around the globe, even to this day.
16 by 20 inches, edition of 50 five-color artist-pulled signed and numbered screen prints.”
Prints are available HERE while supplies last!
-alex fugazi