So, we held a FEW of these sheets back from the sale we had last week, and had them cut up to 4×6 handbill size to give away with outgoing orders.  We were kinda bummed (but happy at the same time…bittersweet? Yeah, that’s it) that we didn’t have any to give away, so we decided to rectify (!) the situation.

So, while supplies last, we’ll have these freebies going out with all outgoing poster orders!  This is good for orders placed starting TODAY.

We’re not going to take special requests, so it’s a real roll of the dice!  (Just don’t go grabbing the pot of cash during our dice game like Snotboogie.  That’s how you get shot.)

Keep an eye out for the coming weeks when we’ll have our next set up for grabs!  We’re probably not going to increase the edition size of the next offering, so keep by your twitter/tumblr/ or facebook!

-alex fugazi