Aye Jay has produced the ESSENTIAL poster for any Heavy Metal toddler (or parent), The ABC’s of Heavy Metal!

Printed on Silver Metal Currency Paper (like our Delorean Variant from a few months ago), this 18×24 hand-printed silkscreen is in a tiny edition of 80!

Is that not METAL enough for you?  Well what if we printed these on ACTUAL METAL?!?!?


This edition, printed on 18×24 stainless steel is limited to 10! Attach some straps to the back and carry it as a shield into the war between the metal gods!

Do you like your metal with a little bit of Glam? Throw on a pair of zebra-striped leather pants and check this out-

This GLAM METAL edition is on 18×24 black paper, with metallic gold ink and a righteous split fountain!  Kudos go out to Nakatomi Print-meister Sean Robb for saying, “Hey, we should do this…” as we were printing.  That, is how variants are born, ladies and gentlemen.  This edition is a mere 20 copies!

All three versions are available RIGHT NOW while supplies last HERE.

-alex fugazi