MOOG elecTRONic LEGACY print by Jacob Borshard

It’s been a very good Christmas for our friend ElecTRON-o: he got a Shake-weight,

a Ukulele,

a Light-choo-choo,

a Giraffe,

and an awesome new Jacob Borshard screen print that pays homage to the elecTRONic LEGACY of vintage Moog Synthesizers!

Moog: Welcome to the Grid

A survey of notable modular series types as well as a complete collection of every classic Moog all-in-one synthesizer, presented in chronological order.

Two color screen print on heavyweight black paper with gloss varnish. Artist
pulled, signed and numbered, 18″ X 26″.

The “Good Guy Blue” Edition of 75 is $25
and the “Bad Guy Red” Edition of ONLY 6 sell for $50

Available HERE in the Jacob Borshard section of the Nakatomi Store!

-end of line