Nakatomi artists Clint Wilson and Tim Doyle were contacted a while back to contribute to the annual No Fin, No Future art show put on by PangeaSeed in Japan. The art show is almost upon us, and we’re just giving everyone a heads up to keep your eyes peeled on PangeaSeed’s site to see what other awesome prints and paintings will be popping up soon.

Here’s a sneak peek at Clint Wilson’s print!-

PangeaSeed is a grassroots Japanese organization to help combat the brutal act of ‘finning’ Sharks- essentially just killing these magnificent creatures for their fin cartilage.  In Asia, the Shark fin is prized for its use in Shark Fin Soup, as well as it’s ‘magical medicinal properties.’  Which, suffice to say, is completely disgusting.

As some of you might know, Nakatomi founder Tim Doyle is a hard-ass when it comes to science and medicine, and had this to say-

“Hello Nakatomi peoples- a few years ago, there was the idea going around that because sharks didn’t get cancer, that if you ATE shark…you’d be able to fight cancer better, or not get it at all.  Now, that makes about as much sense as me eating Kobe Bryant to slam dunk better.  And, a lot of ‘alternative’ medicines and treatments popped up exploiting this myth.  Well, the nice thing about science is that it can easily disprove this- and it did.  But that doesn’t stop the practice. And one last scientific point- even if the slaughter of Sharks for well…nothing…doesn’t get you interested, keep this in mind- Sharks are a top-level predator in our ocean.  We don’t eat sharks for the same reason we don’t eat Tigers or Lions.  If you remove the top level eaters out of an ecosystem, you get population blooms in fish lower down on the food chain, which then over eat fish even lower on the food chain, which then means that there’s no base-level food, and the whole food chain in the ocean collapses, and then you’re stuck in a world without fish.  And considering there’s a good oh say…EVERYONE in the world that depends on seafood as part of ALL of their diet, you’d get massive starvation and death in the human population.  So…stop fucking eating the sharks, okay?

So Join PangeaSeed and Nakatomi and countless other artists, organizations, and all around GOOD PEOPLE and give Sharks a chance.


Thank you!

-alex fugazi

“Here’s to swimmin with bow-legged women.”