DMC-12 print progress

It’s coming! It’s almost here!

As you can see from the above photo, we’re trucking on the printing of Anville’s Nakatomi mailing list exclusive print, DMC-12.  Above is the regular edition, with 3 colors down.  “3 colors, you say? But I see 4 colors?”  Well, yes- the purple there is the bright blue over top of the fluorescent pink!  Pretty rad, eh?

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DMC-12 print progress

Here’s the metallic ‘currency paper’ edition, with 4 colors down.  (The white had to be printed in lieu of the metallic silver ink on the regular edition).

All in all, we’re shooting to finish up on Wednesday of this week, Anville will drive into town to do the signing and numbering over the weekend, and these will ship out the door come Monday the 21st!

If you missed out on the Mailing List pre-sell of this print, you’ll get another chance  at the regular edition later on when we put any remaining copies from the print run on sale after all the others have shipped out!  The metallic edition was mailing list exclusive, though.  If you want to make sure you don’t miss out on these pre-sells we do, join the mailing list HERE.

We here at Nakatomi believe that pre-selling prints like this is the BEST way to do these high-profile releases- YOU get what you want, guaranteed.  There’s no endless sitting in front of your screen all day, hitting F5, there’s no-one left out, NO HEARTBREAK.

Nakatomi- we love you more.

-alex fugazi, Chief Love Officer