Dang, has it been 8 months already?

The final entry in the 8 month long Nakatomi Invitational Season 2 is here!

Nick Derington’s excellent print ‘Stranger’ is a moody little bit of sci-fi as still life.

And, like all invitational releases, this print comes along with a paired t-shirt-

And it glows in the dark, too!

The print is 18×24 hand printed, and signed and numbered by the artist.  Like the previous 7 entries, this shirt/poster combo is limited to 100 copies of each on Nakatomi, or ONE  MONTH on the site, whichever comes first!  Nick’s set will run from April 12th to May 12th.

Available as a set for $40, the print for $30, and the shirt for $20 right now in the INVITATIONAL section of the Nakatomi Store!

-alex fugazi