There was a time not too terribly long ago when Marvel Comics would have done anything for money. This includes publishing special freebie issues peddling any good or service that coughed up the dough. Spidey sold AIM toothpaste (no, not Advance Idea Mechanics brand – nerd), the X-Men dropped in on the Texas State Fair, and the Hulk waxed on about the comfort of Soft-E Intrusion suppositories.

But it was a rare event when the House of Ideas created an all-new superhero as a paid advertisement. Such was the case when the Orkin man came calling.

Naturally, another – more established – Marvel superhero didn’t care for the new guy.

To add further insult to our sensibilities, the Orkin Company thought kids would be gullible enough to buy crappy merchandise featuring their new favorite superhero.

“Hey mullet, you might want to get your kid brother away from my robo-crotch. It turbo-pumps DDT faster and harder than even your mom can handle. Now that I think of it, is she home? I got some exsperminatin’ to do.”

The flipside of this comic featured a story starring Spider-Man. Come on, someone had to realize that was just wrong.