Wow…that was quick. We sold though on the White Dragon print in just over 24 hours. Ouch. I judged demand improperly.

I twittered that I had a couple of Scratch/Dent prints laying around if anyone wanted them- 18 regular and 7 glows.

I got so many replies, that I figured the best way to go was to just throw ’em up on the site, 1st come, 1st served.

These prints are not numbered, and some are signed. Since screen printing is a hand-done process, there’s always a few that don’t make the cut. But in reality, these are really fine, and unless you’re the guy there pulling the squeegee as you’re printing, you might not ever notice.

Normally, these things get used as test sheets, or just plain thrown out- but since there’s such demand, it seemed silly to chuck ’em.

Since these aren’t ‘perfect’ they’re cheaper too! Get ’em HERE.

There are 30 black and white versions I was going to save for Flatstock Austin 2010, but you’ll probably see ’em here before that!

Thanks for all the orders, guys!

-Tim Doyle