Spacesick poster in front

Spacesick is from the future.  The future of the past.  One of the superstars over at Threadless (and anywhere else he rolls), Mr. Sick is literally a pair of cat’s pajamas.

So, I’ve been a fan of Spacesick for a while.  I remember the day someone forwarded me a link to his flickr page of his ‘I Can Read Movies’ series.  And what I saw there melted my face.  MELTED, I tells ya!

I can Read Blade runner

I went on to explore the rest of his stuff, and fell in love.  So when we were getting together the second season of the Invitational, I made it my mission to have him aboard.  Success!

This art print and paired t-shirt, titled ‘More Human Than Human’ are both available for the month of December- or when 100 copies of each are sold!

Because this is December, and there’s some holiday I’ve heard about happening, we’re printing this Invitational EARLY to get it into everyone’s hands ASAP.  (We can’t guarantee delivery dates for international orders, unfortunately!)

And, because we here at Nakatomi love you…the t-shirt GLOWS IN THE DARK!

Mark our evil words, Spacesick has some awesomeness in the pipeline, bringing treats to us all!

-alex fugazi