It’s official, Nakatomi has started doing our on screenprinting.  What does that mean for you?  Posters in hand MUCH faster, and it means we can now do all kinds of new and fun projects that might not be say…’economically viable.’

One such project would be doing a poster for bands like ‘The Detroit Cobras.’

We got our feet wet with printing our own posters with this job, and we here are super psyched to get rolling on more and crazier projects.  (Question- can you screenprint on cats?)

Above, you’ll see print monkey Angie Genesi, newly wed to Nakatomi founder Tim Doyle, hard at work pullin’ the squeegie.  (No, that’s not a euphemism).

And, here’s the completed product!

Now it’s still a few weeks off, but we’ll be moving into our state of the art printing facilities (read- our garage) in a few weeks with the help of brand-new Nakatomi co-hort (and print-shop partner) Clint Wilson and we’ll be cranking out some new poster-y goodness!

And, if you’re interested, these prints will be for sale at the Austin TX show for the Cobras, as well as at Nakatomi Inc starting on the 30th!