The dam has broken, and let the rabbits run free-



So- big apologies for anyone waiting on this print, but all shirt AND print orders have now shipped.  The good news is that Mark Todd’s print is already IN HAND and the shirts should arrive in the next few days and those orders will be right behind! All orders for these prints got a little something ‘extra’ in ’em to help ease any bruised feelings (we hope!).

Nakatomi is opening up it’s own print shop, and also dealing w/ a new local printer that is MUCH FASTER than the other printers we’ve been using, so these will start coming to you  MUCH FASTER for now on.

The regular edition on the ‘Rabbit Fighter’ print was printed with this beautiful rich metallic ink that just KILLS, and the glow (of course) glows.


As you were!

-alex fugazi