Starting on WEDNESDAY 3/18 at NOON CST, Nakatomi will launch it’s new poster series-


The brain child of CLINT WILSON, reNESsance will be an open ended series of video-game pop-art classic art mash-ups that will please the obsessive pasty shut-in video game nerd in us all.  (Seriously, how was I expected to go outside and play when Kid Icarus didn’t have a continue or password option?  You had to beat that bitch in ONE SITTING!)


So- dropping tomorrow will be the inaugural 2 prints in the series-


Punch-Out at the Last Supper” is by Tim Doyle, and is an 18×24 4 color silkscreen print with metallic gold ink.  Limited to a signed and numbered edition of 100.

Girl with the Triforce Earring copy

“Girl With the Triforce Earring” by series master Clint Wilson, is a 24×32 4 color silkscreen print, limited to a signed and numbered edition of 100.   Also available in a ‘Gold Cartridge’ variant edition printed entirely with Gold Ink, and limited to an edition of 30, with 25 available to the public.

Girl with the Triforce EarringGold copy

All posters are printed by D & L screen printing  out of Seatte!

See you at NOON!

-alex fugazi