Uh…okay, this is strange-

For those of you who DON’T know, expressobeans.com is one of the TOP resources for those who collect art prints, rock posters, etc.   One of the great things they do is track the eBay sales on prints, so the buying public can get a real-time ‘pricing guide’ of posters.  Kind of like a Wizard magazine except not about comics, and you know…actually relevant to the hobby it’s concerned with.  (Zing!)

One little bit of interesting price history was the read-out on Nakatomi’s ‘Change into a Truck’ print by Tim Doyle-

Holy Shit.

Holy Shit.

That’s nuts.  First, it looks like a downward line, but the variance is only $10.  That $30 print is banking at a solid $150 on eBay.  That’s uh…that’s a lot of nuts.  A little ‘completed listing’ checking on eBay (note, link requires you to have an eBay account) shows there’s a lot more than those 3 data points.  And, even the Bill Murray print is swinging from $60 to $90.

So…what does this mean?  It means Nakatomi is the new economy.  Invest in Nakatomi, and current projections put every dollar spent returning to you three to FIVE TIMES in under a month.

Look, the numbers don’t lie.  Now, let me tell you about Nakatomi timeshares…

-alex fugazi