We’re now exactly one week in on this crazy business venture (recession?  Never heard of it!) and we’re really off to a running start.  We here at Nakatomi did get more than a few requests to offer our Poster / T-shirt combos as separate items.  Some of you wanted just the shirt, others wanted just the poster.  Well, never let it be said we don’t listed to our adoring fans!

For all Invitational releases, current and future, you’ll now be able to buy just the stuff you want!

Just click on the Nakatomi Invitational link and check it out.

And to whip you all into a rabid fervor- here’s a banner showcasing some of the upcoming releases (one of which will drop on Feb 2nd) that you can put on your myspace, print out and flyer the town, mail to your mother…whatever!


Just drag that sucker over to your desktop and stare at it all day…Hmmm….posterzzzz.