Instead of bridging the gap between art and fashion, the Nakatomi Invitational Series comes down firmly on BOTH sides. Once a month Nakatomi will invite one of our favorite artists to design an art print AND t-shirt. This combo will be limited to just 250 copies, and will only be available for THAT MONTH. After that month is up, or 250 copies are sold, (whichever comes first) it will be gone forever.

These high-quality silk-screened prints will always be individually numbered, and also signed by the artist when possible.

Starting with a triple-sized blowout of epic-proportions, for the first month we have-

Todd Slater


Kevin Munoz


and Daniel Danger!


All three of these poster and t-shirt combos are available for purchase RIGHT NOW and through February 14th. Just follow the ‘Nakatomi Invitational’ link at the top of every page!

Here’s the list of artists who’ve signed on for the next 6 months (in no particular order)-

Tyler Stout
Mark Todd
Jon Vermilyea
Paul Pope
Rob Jones
Jermaine Rogers

Click on the names to be taken to their portfolio sites!

Holy beans, that’s a whole lotta awesome. And this is only series One! Every six months or so, we’ll have a whole new batch of art and shirts for you to keep your wardrobe fresh.

-post by AlexFugazi