Puzzle Kickstarter-Only 9 Days to go!

Hello Nakatomi Peoples!

The Bernie Wrightson Puzzle Kickstarter keeps chugging along- and we’re down to just 9 days left!

We’ve SMASHED our 1st stretch goal of $30k- and now every single Puzzle Pledge will be foil stamped for that special detailing to make the custom boxes really pop off that shelf! Make sure you get one and go HERE NOW.

8×10″ fine art giclees- hand embossed!

So what’s next? If we hit our next goal of $35k before the project ends, each and every puzzle pledge will include a special hand-embossed fine-art giclee of the puzzle art! These 8×10 prints will be exclusive to this project, and won’t be available anywhere else! Pledge today and help put us over the top- We’re so Close!

The boxes will now feature foil stamped logo art on the front and back sides!

What can you do to help?

If you’ve already pledged, Thank you! Now, GO TELL YOUR FRIENDS! Yell about it on a street corner at passing strangers! Or social media, that works too!
-If you haven’t pledged- WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Clock is ticking! There’s exclusive pins and t-shirts and rewards that you won’t be able to get later on the Nakatomi site! Don’t wait! Pledge HERE NOW.

Thank you all so much- this means the world to us that we’re able to bring you all these awesome puzzles!


As you may know, we’re located in Austin, TX- which is currently WRECKED over a crazy winter storm. The entire city is shut down and 1/2 the homes are without power. I’m writing this from a very cold home, with no heat! (YIKES!) So it goes without saying that we won’t be in the office for a few days, so if you haven’t heard back from customer service, or if your package is running a bit late- that’s the reason! All should be back to normal by Friday…

Everyone out there be safe, stay home if you can, wear your mask, wash your hands, and get your vaccine when it’s available! What a crazy year and it’s only FEBRUARY?!?!

-alex fugazi