Our prints on display at Parts and Labour in Austin, TX.

Nakatomi Retail / Wholesale Program-

Since day one, Nakatomi has worked with retail shops that carry our prints, pins, and books. Over the last 10 years, we’ve expanded to galleries and shops all over the world, from Los Angeles to London to Paris, and beyond!

We’ve recently opened up the wholesale program WIDE and are now accepting new applications for retail partners! Brick and mortar AND on-line!

Shoot us an email, and we’ll send you sample prints and copies of our catalog!

Program Highlights-
Nakatomi has a catalog of in-print hand-made posters and prints that we keep in stock. We ship the prints flat to bookstores, record shops, comic book shops, gift shops- all over the world. When you get set up, we’ll promote it out to all our fans on our social media.

Easy on-line ordering-
We have a special Wholesale-only URL that is frequently updated with new product for fast and simple ordering!

In-store displays
We provide the prints sleeved (or not, if you prefer) for retail sale, physical catalogs, and if needed, display sleeves and a poster rack for larger orders.

For New Accounts-
Your first order is completely returnable. If you order prints that don’t sell to your customers, you can ship them back for a refund, or to swap out for better selling titles- we want to make sure you see a return on investment, and we’re in business together for a LONG time!

Join the dozens of other shops we work with today!

Reach out to us through the CONTACT FORM on our site, and we’ll get back to you ASAP!