UnReal Estate Tattoo?!?

Longtime followers of Tim Doyle’s UnReal Estate series of prints will recognize this image from his UnReal Estate 4 show at SpokeArt Gallery in 2015!

Well, super-fan Daniel Pogue (instagram- @derp_crossfit_derp) decided to have it tattooed on his back! (SERIOUSLY!)

The work was done by Austin-based tattoo artist, Mr. Conejo (instagram- @mr.conejo_13).

We here at Nakatomi can only assume that this means Daniel is now a Horcrux, and if you want to destroy Doyle, you’ll have to get Daniel first.

This just happened to over-lap with our plans to bring back the print for a new, open edition for the first time since it’s original release, over 3 years ago!

You can pick this 20×30 hand-printed silkscreen poster up in the UnReal Estate section of the  Nakatomi store HERE.

Thank you Daniel and Mr. Conejo! Great work!

NOTE- if you ever want to get a tattoo of any of our work here on Nakatomi- hit us up first, and we can make sure you have a good, high-res image you can take to your tattoo artist, so they can get a good reference to work from!

-alex fugazi