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UnReal Estate 4 FULL SETS AND ORIGINALS- Now Available!

We’re just a few short days away from the opening of artist Tim Doyle’s new show at SpokeArt gallery- but if you want to get your hands on a full set (that includes exclusive variants) or any of the original art- you can grab them early on SpokeArt HERE.

Read on to see the exclusives!

full set

If you want to see the full set of Regular prints, go HERE.

The Regular sets are limited to 50 matched number sets (#1-50), and their exclusives are limited to 50, as well.


With the regular sets, You get a glow variant of ‘What a Piece of Junk’, only available here.


You get the FOIL “We Scared Each Other Pretty Good”, exclusive to this set.  (Hard to take a straight-on photo of this, as it’s SO SHINY)

Where Ive Been- XXX WEB

AND FINALLY– the super-secret XXX glow variant of “Where I’ve Been” which has a hidden porno layer (just like the movie!) that only shows up in the dark- exclusive to this set. This print looks totally normal during the day, but at night…well, just don’t hang this in any kid’s rooms, okay?

These sets are available HERE NOW.

 variant set

Want to see the Full variant setsgo HERE. Only 15 matched number sets are available, and each one includes a hand-embellished SUPER variant that is a hand-painted Black and White print of one of the other prints in the set- YOU pick the print!  See below!

hand embellishedDoyle is also adding various other hand drawn details into the prints, like this on all the hand-painted “Big Twinkie” prints-


These will all be hand-painted to order, so get your orders in now and they’ll be shipping out before the end of the show! Once you purchase a variant set, the gallery will be in touch to see what print you’d like painted!

You can pick up the full VARIANT SETS HERE.

ogs 2up

All the originals are HERE, and are limited to just one of each (duh)

Thank you everyone, and see you at the opening!

-alex fugazi