DETECTIVE 31 print – now available!


Originally commissioned by French Paper Art Club as part of their 75th anniversary celebration of the Caped Crusader, these art prints are now available on THIS side of the Atlantic ocean!

Detective 31” is a hand-printed 5-color silkscreen print, signed and numbered by the artist in a first printing of 150 copies. These are the AP “Artist Proof” copies from the original run.


We also have a small amount of the All Metallic Ink variant edition- featuring silver and gold ink! These are AP copies from the original printing of 55.

All copies are signed and numbered by artist Tim Doyle-

Here’s what Tim said about the print!-

“I was the first artist to be a part of FPC’s Batman print series, and was totally excited to be back on for a new print- this time, the assignment was doing my own version of an existing cover.  FPC had access to the almost complete back catalog of classic covers to do re-interpretations of, and the minute they asked me I knew EXACTLY the one I wanted to do. Detective #31 has a LONG history of fantastic artists doing reinterpretations of, and I wanted to take my own spin on it.  The original line-art for this piece was actually a watercolor painting I had done, and adapted for screenprinting- the same technique I used for the sold-out Batman/GCPD print I had done for them last year.  I wanted to use the same BRIGHT colors from the original cover, but find a way to make it much darker in tone. As always, super-big thanks to French Paper Art Club for the great gig!”

The prints are in-hand for immediate shipment, and available for purchase HERE.

-alex fugazi