SUPER LIBRE! Print set by Jon Smith!

Now on sale in the JON SMITH SECTION of the Nakatomi store! Super Libre!

Super Libre is a set of four 9×12 screen prints, in an edition of 200. It’s an interpretation of superheroes through the prism of traditional lucha libre wrestling masks, hence the name!

From Jon-

“I think the idea grew out of living here in southeast Austin and seeing  a lot of superhero pinatas and such, janky looking bounce houses with random superhero heads slapped on them that don’t really belong together. That and lucha libre masks are cool and have always fascinated me as well as those old Santo and Blue Demon movies where wrestlers are bizarro superheroes getting into adventures with zombies and classic movie monsters. I stylized the prints in the vein of some vintage luchador illustrations I found in my tumble down the google image search rabbit hole.”.

Pick ’em up now! In hand for immediate shipment.

Here’s a closer look at the final versions of the four pieces in the set.-