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UnReal Estate 3- AP copies on sale FRIDAY 2/21!

Today we’ll be releasing the Artist Proof copies from the recent hit UnReal Estate 3 show that is closing TODAY at SpokeArt San Fran!

We will only have a SMALL amount of many of these (seriously, a couple of them we only have ONE copy!) and many of the prints that sold-out at SpokeArt, we have NO copies at all. But what we have will be for sale between 1-2 PM Central Time, HERE in the Nakatomi Store. Follow us on Twitter HERE to be notified when they actually drop!

This will be your last chance to get many of these editions at their original retail price. ALSO-

tv junk

The first 75  orders of UnReal Estate 3 prints today will receive a copy of the ‘TV JUNK’ 12×18 print- which was only available to attendees at the art opening in San Fran earlier this month! FYI- some poor guy paid $90 for one on eBay HERE, but we’re just going to GIVE IT TO YOU.

-alex fugazi

*Please note- a couple of the prints that we have no copies of are STILL AVAILABLE at the SpokeArt Site HERE. (We will have no copies of Smurfs, Pee-Wee, Munsters Variant, etc). But we should have AP copies of almost everything else that sold out from the show!