Mystery Tube Sale!


It’s been 6 months since the last Nakatomi-Wide TUBE SALE, and people’s wounds have almost healed, and so we’re ready to go ONCE MORE INTO THE BREACH!

We have more tubes than ever before- about 250 already packed with a few more tubes-worth of prints waiting on stand-by…so hopefully those who want one can get one!

Starting somewhere between noon and 2pm CENTRAL TIME on TUESDAY the 30th, we’ll have tubes for purchase for $50 each. Each tube will have 5 prints in it-all suitable for framing. Some are considered ‘scratch/dent’ in that there’s minor printing flaws or a ‘soft’ corner, but nothing that won’t frame out.

One print in each tube will be the final print in our portrait series by Tim Doyle that will never be available for purchase separately! The last few prints in this series seem to be popular!  (Warning, those links contain evidence of people flipping prints!)

deckard web

You are welcome to buy as many tubes as you want- you will receive a copy of the exclusive print in each tube. One tube per order- we cannot combine shipping- as we can only fit 5 prints in each tube!

We’ve got Test Sheets!-

test sheets

Test Sheets! We’re randomly inserting a totally awesome and unique test-sheet with orders! A test sheet is like 4 posters flying at your optic nerve at ONCE! Truly a byproduct of the Silk-screen process, we run screens on scrap paper as we’re working on a project, and what you get is a random collage of color building up on a sheet of paper, until we judge that it’s ‘done’ and throw it on our stack of test sheets!  There’s an awful lot of the Unreal Estate 2 prints that were in this crop- I like the BAD WOLF/ BADA BING up there on the left!

test sheet 2


Unreal Estate

“Unreal Estate” Scratch prints!  Just about EVERY print from the Unreal Estate art show at SpokeArt in February was printed with a split fountain (the fade in the sky) and split fountains can be tricky to get just right. SO- we have about 40 of these (spread across 10 different images) that were just not perfect enough to make the cut, but too pretty to trash. Others are perfectly fine except for a little ‘ink drop’ in the border here and there.  The regular editions of these sold out crazy fast on the SpokeArt AND Nakatomi sites, and this is your last chance to get ‘em from us!



EXCLUSIVES!- stuff only available in THIS TUBE SALE!- 

Not only do we have a smattering of the GreySkull print that was only available to attendees of the SpokeArt show back in Feb, but we’ve got 5 AP copies of Doyle’s ‘King of Baltimore’ Gold Foil edition, Never-Before- Seen 6 copies of Metallic Silver Oversized Edition of the Transformers Show Poster (edition of only 7!), we’ve got a HEAVY wood panel version of Doyle’s Deadwood Unreal Estate print that was never released (edition of 10), and that small one in the middle was a KRAMPUS holiday print for a portfolio that didn’t come together last year, that Doyle was a part of. None of these prints will ever be for sale on Nakatomi!




That’s 12 original pencil and ink drawings done by Doyle that we’re throwing into this sale! Pictured above is original art from gigposters for Appleseed Cast, MC Chris, The Bellfuries, along with the drawing for The Fifth Element movie poster, stuff for SpokeArt and a ton more.  All these are the OG’s used in production of these pieces that became the sold-out screenprints!


truck steel

Seriously- what was that doing up there? A perfectly good copy of the Stainless Steel Change into a Truck from a while back. Guess we’re throwing that in there too!



From Doyle’s personal collection, and stuff we just got in through trades and whatnot- we’re throwing in 5 of these long-gone old school Mondo posters. We could re-sell, em- but hey- we’d rather just give them to YOU.

This is only a small selection of what’s going in these tubes, with plenty more surprises!

With all this awesome, your odds of striking gold are PRETTY DANG GOOD.  Please note- these tubes are blind-packed, and we have no idea what prints are in what tubes at this point!

5 prints, $50- you can knock off gifts for 5 people all at once, letting you cruise into birthday/holiday/apocalypse season with no worries!

Get your clicky fingers ready- we’ve never had a Nakatomi tube sale NOT sell out- we’re being a little more ambiguous about the drop time, as we’ve had massive server issues during these high-demand drops before, and we’re trying to cut down on that here. But as always- it’s going to be a slog getting through check-out once word spreads that these are up for sale. Trust us- we’ll do what we can, but it’s rarely enough.

We will put these up for sale at a random time between noon and 2pm Central Time on Tuesday 4/30- and then tweet the sale link a few minutes later. You can follow Tim Doyle on twitter HERE.

-alex fugazi