Step one- get a copy of the Change Into a Truck poster-

Step 2- draw a pattern on the back

Step 3- ROBOT.

This awesome little papercraft project was sent into us from customer Derek Collier. He was initially afraid we’d be bummed he cut up one of our prints, but we honestly couldn’t be any more pleased! It truly fulfills the promise of the print- by ‘Changing into a Truck!’  (well, we’re assuming it changes into a truck- it looks like it should!)  Don’t worry folks- he had another copy of the print!

Looks like Prime is about to stomp on that little Storm Trooper there…crossover!

Have you ever done anything CRAZY with your Nakatomi products? Send us an email and some pics to CONTACT (at) NAKATOMIINC.COM and we’ll feature it here on the blog!  Each entry that gets posted here will get a freebie sticker pack!

And if you want to make your own Change Into a Truck Papercraft, you can pick up the print RIGHT HERE- currently in it’s 7th edition, making it the best selling print in the history of Nakatomi!

-alex fugazi