The Bellfuries!

Artist Tim Doyle was contacted by the always-awesome ‘The Bellfuries’ to produce this poster for their European Tour that started last week and wraps up shortly!

The prints measure 18×24, and are signed and numbered by Doyle in an edition of 175. 

Here’s a bit from Doyle about the poster-

“I’ve been friends with the Bellfuries for years now- the lead for the band, Joey- is actually roommates with my brother, the musician Daniel Francis Doyle. Funny thing is that over a DECADE ago, before I knew them on a personal level, I used to go see them play at the now-defunct Caucus Club here in Austin, when I was a mere lad of 22.  Their totally fun and melodic roots-based American rock have made them a big draw at festivals in Europe, so when Joey told me he was going on tour, I LEANED HARD on him to let me do a gig-poster for the trip.  And here is the fruits of my labor! The image was a bit of a collab between me and Joey- he suggested something with trains and wanted to use some of the iconography from their first album cover, so out popped this. I like working with different styles and subject matter, as it keeps me fresh and I do love the challenge.”

 The Bellfuries are selling these exclusively through their Facebook Merch page HERE.  And while you’re at it, you can listen to their music HERE.  Go give it a listen and pick up a print!

-alex fugazi