Alex Fugazi here- Nakatomi Regular Artist (N.R.A.), Jacob Borshard has just completed a completely insane labor of love, and we wanted to share it with you all here in the Nakatomi Nation. Below is the post from Jacob’s site,, and a download link for the album! And as always, you can purchase Jacob Borshard prints in the Nakatomi store HERE.

Read on, true believers…


Jacob Borshard has completed SMiLE!

Click HERE to download

‘The Completed SMiLE’!


Beebort and Co. – Press Agents
1978 W. November St. #8
New Sandwich Islands


Press Release:

Jacob Borshard Completes The Beach Boys’ Smile with New Lyrics, Vocals, Ukulele

Jacob Borshard has just won the distinction of being the first person on earth to fully complete the Beach Boys’ 1967 Smile recordings.

After compiling and editing a fully dovetailed Stereo cut of the album (no small feat), Jacob picked up his uke and recorded every missing vocal himself, using Brian Wilson’s 2004 solo Smile as a guide. Jacob then went all the way, donning the mystic Fireman’s Helmet and writing brand new melody and lyrics for the long lost forgotten unfinished Smile gem ‘Tune X’, now also titled ‘Boundless Love’. Jacob even laid some mellow ukulele on five instrumental tracks (dare he challenge the Gods as well?) and dropped in some fresh carrot chomps.

When experienced start to finish, the results are nothing less than stunning, thanks mostly to the genius of what The Beach Boys created in 1967. With an archivist’s passion, Jacob has set the puzzle pieces together, framed them, filled the cracks and sketched the missing pieces lost to time to create what Beach Boys fans have long dreamt of but never heard – a complete album experience of the Beach Boys’ 1967 Smile. A boundless love indeed.

To find ‘The Completed Smile’ for free, visit

About Jacob Borshard

Known for his original songs and cartoon screenprints, Jacob Borshard grew up in Texas, went to art school in Chicago, wandered the West and ended up teaching art on an Apache Reservation in Arizona, where he created and released his first two albums of acclaimed ukulele street-corner rock n’ roll. He unwittingly became a formative figure in the so-called Ukulele Renaissance of the early 21st century. After winning Drew Barrymore’s songwriting contest, Jacob moved to Austin where he released his third album and a few dozen quirky cartoon screenprints. He currently lives in a charming cottage with his lovely wife Sarah, delivers pizza and labors in his shed to construct a homemade Batmobile. He’s been a dedicated Beach Boys fan since the moment he first witnessed Teen Wolf do back flips atop a moving delivery truck to the tune ‘Surfin’ Safari’.

-Creebobby the Platypus, Esq.

Jacob Smile Studio