Clint Wilson has moved into a new apartment, and he’s got TOO MANY POSTERS!  So, to prevent him from having to build his new entertainment center out of posters, we’re having a tube sale to help him clear out some space!

And, to make it extra special, we’re throwing in a copy of Tim Doyle’s Transformers: The Movie screenprint in each tube ordered, regular or variant! (It’s random…like a MYSTERY or something!)

These prints are all slightly mis-printed, mainly with just little ink-drops in the border, like pictured below-

Funny story- one of the printers who work for us, Zane,   actually BROKE HIS HAND while the Transformers  poster was under production, and he didn’t go to the doctor to have it checked out until the poster was actually finished.  So, we’ll forgive him for being a little more clumsy than usual while printing these.  We ended up with right over 50 of these that are PRETTY MUCH perfect except for little smudgies in the corners.  Considering we hand-pull all these posters (no machines here!) we can forgive him.

Some of them have smudgies, and others HAD smudgies on the top white border so we chopped the top white area off, but not into the image area.  (like the Never Get Out of the Boat art print)  They’re are all signed, and once framed, you won’t see any difference.  Nakatomi will not have any copies of this print for sale at a later date, so this might be your last chance to pick one up at a reasonable price.  (Seriously, have you seen what people are paying for them on eBay? Crazy.)

Clint comes to us and says- “I’d like to do a tube sale!” And we said, “We’ve got these Transformers posters that are great but not sale-able at full price!”  It’s a match made in heaven.

5 prints per tube. 4 completely perfect Clint Wilson prints.  One of them is going to be the Transformers print, regular or variant. $50 a tube. Only 50 tubes available.

Come get ’em HERE.

-alex fugazi

While you’re at it, go to Zane’s FACEBOOK and wish him a speedy recovery. Because, those prints aren’t going to print themselves.