Well, it’s 2011 and we have one year until 2012 when the Mayans return from their 5th dimensional exile and suck all of reality down into a singular super-dense point of dark matter which will then explode into a new reality, completing the mythical Norse cycle of Ragnarok.  Yes, I’m saying the Mayans and the Vikings are in cahoots.

And, before that happens, we really need to clear some space out of our offices!

So, this round of Mystery Tubes is by far our best, and most bonus filled!  With each Mystery Tube order, you will receive 5 silkscreen posters, plus a mini print, and at least one handbill! Please note, most of the posters are completely mint, but there will be a few scratch/dent posters in there, but nothing that’s not suitable for framing!

As always, we will do our best to make sure that the tube does not contain posters and prints that you have bought before!

And how’s this for bonuses?

We will be randomly inserting into outgoing Mystery Tube orders-

4 copies of the ‘Hurley’s Curse’ official LOST print by Doyle.
4 copies of Anville’s DMC-12 FOIL edition.
1 White Dragon print by Doyle
2 Tears in the Rain prints by Doyle
And one lucky customer will receive original art used for the ‘Hurley’s Curse’ poster!

Now, that’s freaking crazy!

With only about 50 tubes up for grabs, that’s a 20% chance of striking gold, and even if you don’t, you still get 5 awesome posters for only $50.

Also, the first 30 or so orders will receive one of our ever popular Test Sheets as one of their five prints.  Test sheets are from the Nakatomi print labs, a mash up of a bunch of different screens from a bunch of different posters, all stacked up on each other randomly!

Here’s a look at some from a previous sale to give you an idea-

This sale should clear us out pretty good to make room for a bunch of new posters and (FINALLY) new shirts that are in the pipeline, so don’t sleep on this- it will be impossible for you to be disappointed!
The Mystery Tubes are for sale HERE!
-alex fugazi