Holy crap.  Look at that masterpiece.  This is seriously one of the most technically proficient prints I’ve ever seen come out of the print-shop.

Anville’s second entry into his Nakatomi-published “Icons Of Motoring” is now available for public sale!

We just finished cranking these out in the Nakatomi Print Labs, and have packed up and are in the process of shipping all the pre-sells we did for our mailing list.

Just like Anville’s LAST PRINT, there was a metallic paper variant that was ONLY available to our mailing list.  Did you miss out?  You should probably BE ON OUR MAILING LIST so that doesn’t happen again!

Beauty.  It’s even got the spiky-helmeted dune buggy guy.  Awesome.

“Last of the V8’s” is an 18×24 hand-printed 6 color print, signed and numbered by the artist in an edition of 150.  Because of the  pre-sale, Nakatomi only has 50 copies left for sale.

That truck will freaking kill you, Mel Gibson.

The prints are in hand for immediate shipment, and are up for sale RIGHT NOW in the Nakatomi Store!

-alex fugazi