kleinsmith poster in front web

Jeff Kleinsmith is a designing MACHINE.  After overseeing the look of SUB-POP records for the better part of a decade, how does he have ANY energy left to do the magic that he does?

Well, luckily, we were able to squeeze this great piece of art from his dessicated, designing husk.

“Hello” is an 18×24 5 color screen print, hand printed in the Nakatomi print labs, and individually numbered!

Kleinsmith Poster Web

Hello depicts a friendly skull-headed robot, cradling a human.  A human who is about the be crushed to death, as shown in the companion shirt- ‘GOOD BYE’!

kleinsmith shirt web

Doh!  That guy is screwed!

Both the shirt and the print are limited to just 100 copies worldwide, or when the month is up, whichever comes first!  Like all Nakatomi Invitational releases, they will ship 2-3 weeks after the end of the sale period.

“A robot walks into a bar
orders a drink
lays down a bill
The bartender says, hey we don’t serve robots
and the robot says, oh but someday you will”

-Silver Jews

Oh, you robots.  You’ll be the death of us.

The shirt and poster are available RIGHT NOW in the Invitational section of the store!

And while you’re there- since we printed last month’s entry by Spacesick EARLY in order to meet holiday shipping deadlines, we do have a few extra shirts and posters available still!

Blade Runner Final

Life doesn’t offer you many second chances, so get on it, or live with regret to the end of your days.

Happy New Year!

-alex fugazi