“Often imitated, never duplicated.” -Captain Lou Albano

05_Flatbed_2 - OCTOBER
What happens after the Guiding Light leaves our plane of existence?

Captain Lou Albano died today. For those of you not obsessed with wrestling in the 70s-80s, Captain Lou was the wrestler/ manager that brought wrestling to the mainstream by initiating the Rock n’ Wrestling Connection in the early 80s. By playing the part of Cyndi Lauper’s dad in her videos, Albano opened a door that would change wrestling forever. Not bad for a quick acting gig.

Plus, he played Mario on the Super Mario Brothers Super Show. That alone made him twenty-times radder than most any person who has ever walked this Earth. He even did a little dance.

What we should all take away from his life is that it’s okay to be yourself. Here’s a guy that pierced his face and stuck a rubberband in it. Why? Why the hell not? Do something weird, crazy, or nuts. It’ll keep them guessing.

And now, the YouTube tribute I found featuring his cover of the NRBQ song “Captain Lou.” Come on, he’s singing about himself! That’s awesome.

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cap lou

– Thunderlips