So, I ordered a Flatscreen from  Got a good deal.  It showed up earlier than expected.  The delivery guys brought it inside, and opened up the box, and plugged it in.  Really nice service.  BUT- when it powered on…the screen was obviously RUINED.  Totally had a crack in the imaging unit that looked like a spider’s web, from the bottom left corner, all across the screen.  And, wouldn’t you know it, the front of the packaging had a big-ass hole punched in it, that suspiciously looked like the front of a forklift blade.  YIKES.

So, what’s a guy to do?  The delivery guys don’t know if it should stay or go, and they gotta hustle to their next delivery.  I’ll call Amazon!  Well, when you go to, and click on ‘help’ and type in ‘Customer Service Phone Number’ all I got was a listing of Customer Service books that they sell.  Way to go, Amazon!  There was no number that could be found quickly on their site, and no number in any of my delivery confirmation emails…nothing.

So, Google to the rescue!  And I found this info-

Amazon US Customer Service
1.800.201.7575 (Toll free, US and Canada)
1.206.346.2992 or (Outside US and Canada)
1.877.586.3230 (Canada only)

Amazon UK Customer Service
Phone: +44.208.636.9200

That’s from an article on Slate’s site.  Yikes.  As far as Google is concerned, an article on just how hard it is to find Amazon’s phone number ranks higher than AMAZON’S ACTUAL PHONE NUMBER.  That takes some stealth.

So, the people on Amazon’s help line were EXTREMELY helpful, and they talked to the drivers, they took the TV back, and they’re shipping a new one.  I got a shipping notice in my inbox on the same day.  That was spectacular service.  BUT GETTING THERE shouldn’t be so damn hard.  And, I’m assuming that Amazon does this on purpose.  It costs money to have someone sitting on the other end of the phone, taking your calls.  For that person to be answering so many questions that could be solved with just a quickie search on their site, is a big waste of resources.

BUT- in my situation where an answer was needed immediately- clock was ticking, the window of opportunity was closing- the wisdom of Amazon burying their toll free number is mystifying.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering- Nakatomi customer service number is 512-940-3838.  Call between Noon and 9pm CST.  Leave a message if no-one picks up.  Emails usually answered w/in 24 hrs, and is the best way to get in touch-   Contact (at)


-alex fugazi