Jones, RobRob Jones answered questions.

Biafrah Winfrey: What is your current studio set up like? What kind of environment do you create while you work?

Rob Jones: A hot shitbox back bedroom with three fans going off.

BW: While working, do you employ any particularly unique techniques that you’ve developed on your own? (via manual or even software means)

RJ: Not really.

BW: How do you know when a piece is finished?

RJ: When I run out of time.

BW: Can you tell us about any non-obvious influences on your artwork? (be it people, places, or things)

RJ: anxiety

BW: What, more or less, is an average day in the life of Rob Jones?

RJ: Here’s what the last two weeks have been like:

Wake up to the phone ringing.
Drink some tea, smoke.
Check email. smoke
Shower. smoke.
Start work for about three or four hours depending on when I woke up. smoke.
Wife comes home, we eat, I ask her not to watch anything good on television so I’m not tempted to watch with her on the couch. smoke.
Work until about 9 or so and then spend an hour or so with my wife (tv, playing games). smoke.
At 10 my wife goes to bed and I start working again until around 7 when my wife leaves for work. smoke.
Go to bed. smoke.
Catch on fire. die.

BW: Do you just jump right in and start working or do you have any “warm up” rituals?

RJ: yeah, smoking.

BW: Can you explain your process and influences while developing the current Nakatomi Invitational release?

RJ: The liner notes to a Roky Erickson cd I have.

BW: Can you tell us about any of the other interesting projects you’re currently working on?

RJ: Nope.