Back on the 16th of May, Nakatomi Founder Tim Doyle tied the knot with Nakatomi Printing/ Shipping intern,  Angie Genesi.  This is also the cause of the delay in updates to this blog.  Our apologies.  Tim Doyle promises to never get married again.

In attendance were several of the Nakatomi crew- bloggers Thunderlips and Biafrah Winfrey, as well as contributing artists Clint Wilson, Rob Jones, and Nick Derington (who’s in NEXT season’s Invitational!).



The happy couple, accusing you.


That’s Derington in the middle, w/ Biafrah Winfrey on the far right.  He also took all these photos, which is confusing has to how he’s in this one…


Rob Jones arrived in cosplay…as Patrick McGoohan from ‘The Prisoner.’  We never got an explanation as to why.


That’s Poster Artist Clint Wilson in the middle, and ‘The Intergalactic Nemesis’ creator Jason Neulander on the right.  Lord knows what Nick is seeing.


Instead of a traditional cake, there were AMAZING lemon-custard filled cupcakes.  With robots on top.  What else would you expect?

We could find no photos of Thunderlips.  Apparently he has eluded celluloid capture again.  We WILL steal that bit of your soul, T-lips…we will.

Thanks to the 70-odd (and we mean odd) guests who came to party down with all of us that night.  Merry Christmas, everyone!

-alex fugazi.