Look at it.  LOOK AT IT!

The 15 year old in me has just died and went to heaven.  A heaven full of ladies in bikinis and robots.

Now, the 32 year old in me says…’Yikes.  Those ladies will live to regret that photo someday.’

Here’s more-


Get out of the way of the ROBOT!

Anyway, this guy has done a pretty rad thing, making a PERFECT replica of the classic Transformer DEVASTATOR out of Tonka Trucks.  That’s…pretty damn cool.  I mean, he could have cured cancer or something, but this is almost as cool.  This comes from the site  Now, it’s a site that looks like it’s from 1995, and it’s got totally annoying music that is impossible to disable (at least as far as I can tell) but the photos of Devastator more than make up for it.  He’s selling custom-built ones, but I could find no pricing, so that means it’s cheaper just to steal a CAT Front Loader from the local construction site and hum the Transformers theme as you “Devastate” the local mini-mall.  And by cheaper, I mean more awesome.  I’m sure the legal fees will far outweigh whatever he’s charging.

Which brings us to this-


I couldn’t help it.  I really tried.  I had this idea quite a while back, and just kinda sat on it.  Now that I’m working for Nakatomi exclusively, I have the means to make my every goofy whim a reality.  I can’t say that’s a good thing, but hey…if it wasn’t a good idea, it wouldn’t be still rattling around in my head right? Of course, the guy who invented ‘MC Hammer-pants’ probably work-shopped that tragedy for years before he brought it to market.

Anyway- this is a 3 color limited edition silkscreen print, limited to just 70 copies to the public.  Measuring 18×24 and signed and numbered by the artist, this is printed by D and L screenprinters.  There is a Glow in the dark version that is limited to 10.

‘Comprehensive Health Care is the Right of all Sentient Beings.’

That’s a platform I can get behind.  That platform also launches missles, so there’s that as well, I guess.


-alex fugazi

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